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New site up over at! Summary of updates and progress!

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New Game Site

I've updated the site over at The old site was more of a placeholder until development got well along. Well, we're along now so its about time for a refresh.

The new site is simple and introduces Chesster to our audience on the home page while explaining the basics on the "about" page.

Contact info for the team is made available and a mix of concept art and screenshots is up in the gallery.

New Gameplay Trailer

To accompany the new site I've put together the latest gameplay in a tidy new trailer. Check it out!

Game Development

Progress on the game is steady and constant now days, which is good news because Christian and I both have jobs and families, so the fact that we continually and regularly find time to chip away on Chesster is a testament to our devotion and vision to, not only complete this game, but to assure its quality as well.

The latest developments include:
- all levels built and integrated
- linking the completion of levels to the unlocking of puzzles
- star animation for completed puzzles

- cool hourglass animation for time during the calculation of the score

Most of our time goes into the "feel" of the game, making everything feel nice with good feedback, timing, clarity, animation, sound design, etc. There is a lot of back and forth, a lot of testing, but it will be well worth it in the end so that we end up with something of high quality! You're welcome.

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