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Chesslike: Adventures in Chess is now live on the Google Play Store. Android version 2.3+.

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We had a great weekend full of press speakign about the game and gearing up some excitement for the mobile release. Well just a few short days after that, we've released on Android. Here you go:

We've been playing around with both CocoonJS and Adobe's PhoneGap, but decided ultimately to go with CocoonJS. It seems to have worked just fine for releasing the APK to the store. There are some minor usability issues, but with CocoonJS, we are able to make some updates to the app without the user needing to download a new version of the app from Google. This will help us tremendously to smooth out some of the usability issues that have become more apparent with a larger audience.

The plan is to get the usability working fairly well here on Android, and then push the latest build out to iOS this weekend, or early next week. At that point, we will make another large marketing/pr push to the outlets, and hopefully get another big hugs from the internet.

Once that phase is complete, we will be moving into the rewards phase, where we are going to continue to make rapid iterations and updates to help polish and smooth out the game, while adding the unlockable new levels, castles and themes as we reach the download goals.

SO far we have 5 goals at various amounts of downloads will equal new content for the game that will be distributed via free update to all users who have bought the game. Those goals first the first phase are:

500 Downloads = New Level Pack
1500 Downloads = New Castle and Theme
2500 Downloads = New Level Pack, Castle, and a Theme
5000 Downloads = Offline play
8000 Downloads = More Goals!

We want to keep expanding this game, and keep growing the community, and this is how we will do it. If you like the game and want more content, tell your friends, get them to play it and download it. You can both use the online level editor to make new levels until we release new content as well. When all the goals have been reached, we will set new ones, with new exciting features, levels, and mechanics. Some of things we're thinking about for updates: King knights pawns(distributes swords), Capture the Princess Mode(capture the flag, new chess piece type), and maybe someday when we have about a million downloads, we want to build online multiplayer. I hope to see you there!

PS - Russia loves our game! And we love Russia! We will be leading the translation efforts with the RU region. Cheers!

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