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...This Article Will Be Updated As The Mod Features Being Added...

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So, what has been added so far...

1. It is based on Clear Sky, with Patch 1.5.10

2. It is standalone mod, you dont need Clear Sky to play it

3. Added SRP 1.1.3

4. Fixed MSAA AntiAliasing

5. Shadow Map Fix, no more jittering Shadows and popup

6. HDAO/HBAO Fix (AMD and NVidia)

7. Full Ukrainian Audio (not Russian)

8. Removed Clear Sky Engine

9. Removed all unnecesary files

10. Engine has been completely Rewritten to use All your Cores and Threads, also All your RAM

11. SSAO Fixed - new method

12. Fixed Rain Mapping

13. Fixed Sun Jittering

14. SkyBox Stretch Fix

15. Weather Transition Added

16. Reload Empty, Reload Semi Added

17. Added Third Slot for Weapons

18. Added Fast Throwback of Grenades

19. Added Fast Knife Attack

20. Removed demo_record (you could use it to pick stuff and land to map)

21. Added HD NPC Models

22. Added Absolute Nature 4.04, tnx CrommCruac

23. Fixed Engine to Read Sun Longitude and Altitude from Config Files

24. Fixed Engine to Deploy Moon

25. Shaders Fixed/Rewritten/Edited

26. Added Open X Ray Engine

27. All renderers removed except DX11

28. Added Shokers Texture Optimisation

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