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We're not dead yet, so here's a brief update on what's been going on.

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It has been a couple weeks since our last update and I apologize. However, I am surprised only two people thought the project was dead out of hundreds. I thank you guys who remained patient and are remaining patient as you all wait for something new.

To be honest, not a lot has been going on. Yixx is having PC problems and I've been busy with other things, such as game development, school, and playing games for sheer enjoyment. But it looks like we're making good modeling progress. I'm hoping there will be something big to report this weekend, so check on us more often then.

Sorry for not telling you anything too positive. All I can say is we've been busy but plan to get some more showy work done this weekend. Check the forums for more in-depth details.


The project feels pretty good, to be honest. I enjoyed the demo for control schemes.

One thing to note regarding it: sometimes the AI escorting you can get you crowded in one corner. That makes it impossible to move afterwards.
Maybe have them keep some distance? That should help, I think.

Anyway, the project is promissing. If you can figure out a way to go from a level to another one and back, that would be great!

Keep up the good work.

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Craka_J Author

If you spam the "S" key, your group mates will run in the direction you're facing (usually).

You're already able to go from Durotar to Mulgore and back to Durotar. (Just an example)

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haha, i think that mr Alien played wrong demo maybe ;) cuz it OWNS!

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