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Since working on the vignette system, it's been very difficult to show off how it looks in-game without motion, and people aren't that interested in video so below I've posted some fast-loading, ultra-grainy gifs of some of the more motion-dependent bits of Hyper Gauntlet.

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Level Up

These exploding boxes come with an audible "BOOM" with every level up. It's not too loud to be distracting, but it's certainly noticeable

Life loss

A red vignette and an Inception-inspired VROOM noise tell you when you've messed up, in case the block flying at your face isn't a good enough clue.

Slow Motion

A deep blue vignette and a wonderful sound effect of slowing all playing sounds happens when you hit the slow motion button. I love doing it as a block passes by, the WHOOSH sound is awesome slowed right down.

So what do you think now you've seen the vignette in action? Too much? Too bold?

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