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Hey guys, this is my very first demo, it's available for.

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In this news, I will announce that my game has been release, however it is still in the beta stage.
Don't worry, even though the game reach full version, you will still be able to get it for free.

So you might be wondering about what does my game is all about?
Well, it is about a young man who lost his memories and found himself in the deep, abandoned mine. Before that, he heard a voice telling him about a grim danger is about to come and only him can stop it. He was also told by the voice to train himself in an academy called, "Windhell's Academy".
The rest, you have the choice to make.

If you want to check out more of the details, please search for Silent Blitz on the search tab, I would also recommend you to download it.
The link:

Please, feel free to leave a comment and rating on my game's page, I really appreciate it!

You can also leave some ideas and suggestion on my comment section for my game, such as:

  • Conversation between NPCs.
  • Features.
  • New character.
  • Side stories (preferably, romantic stories, because I'm implementing dating system on my future development).
  • Basically anything that come cross your head.

Any contribution you made will be added to my credits.

Here are some image of it:

The battle system (UI hasn't been updated)

Silent Blitz development stage Silent Blitz development stage

Lighting system

Silent Blitz development stage

Custom Menu UI

Silent Blitz development stage

Custom saving and loading UI

Silent Blitz development stage

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