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We're adding cheat codes to the game. These will probably only be usable during freeroam.

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Cheat Codes

Hold your horses!
How will this affect the mod?
You see, these cheat codes work as numbers. You scroll through a bunch of numbers and hopefully, you'll find that they have some sort of effect.

For example:
1. You begin browsing from 1 to 200
2. Number 132 has effect X
3. You switch over to 132, press the Left Joystick (or X for keyboard users) and voila! You have activated a cheat code.

These cheat codes will not affect your gamesaves or any missions.

Why are we implementing these cheat codes?
From what we have read through your comments on the mod progress, you guys love freeroaming. And freeroam never feels 100 % right, except for when you're in control and can do as you wish.
(Even if that means spawning a sledgehammer and knocking some skulls in).

We will not tell you the cheat codes, you'll have to find them yourself.
Scrolling through numbers really isn't that much work, sure it may take some time. But you'll get used to the numbers and hopefully learn them yourself after a while.

We have managed to create a simple cheat code system, so now we'll be adding some simple number detections to it.

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