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Paperbound is part of Sony's Summer Sale for PS4 in the Americas. It's 60% off right now until 8/11 at noon PST. And an update is coming this month!

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Paperbound PS4 Summer Sale 2015

I'm delighted that Paperbound has been selected as part of Sony's Summer Sale Week 2. PS+ members get it for only $4 ($5 if you're not PS+ person). It's hard to beat that for hours of frenetic multiplayer madness.

Going to PS4 has been the best thing to happen to Paperbound, and this is another example of that. Sony has been great to work with.

This is going to be followed up later this month with a major update for both the PS4 and Steam versions, which I'll detail in a series of updates over the coming weeks. Here's a little preview of singe-player action to come:

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