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In this Update I’d like to lift a curtain a little and reveal several pieces of game MECHANICS. The pieces of character creation process. But before that, fresh field news.

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Hey fellows,

Once again, thank you for your support! I see pretty many of you adjusted their pledges to higher ranks, that is nice :) As I mentioned through previous Update, I’d like to devote every update to one of the three main features of After Reset RPG (atmosphere, story or mechanics). And in this Update I’d like to lift a curtain a little and reveal several pieces of game MECHANICS. The pieces of character creation process. But before that, fresh field news.

I browse through the Internet every day and see a lot of responses about the game. Gaming media it is: "After Reset may be the Fallout 3 we never got…" Majority of the people like the idea, but are disappointed about the $900k goal we've settled. In this update I’d like to quote my reply on that on RPGWatch:

MrNixon wrote: "As a mature person I've got sufficient money from my business so I don't want to be preying on gamers like myself. As a creator and a gamer I don't want to create and/or play one more unfinished trash… So $900k is not about "how much do I want" but about "how much does such a game cost.
Why did we launch that project? Because nobody else did. We're too tired of waiting.
We waited for KOTOR 3 and got SWTOR :(
We waited for Balder's Gate 3 and got "Enhanced Edition" :(
We waited for Diablo 3 and got… *facepalm*
When another game was announced I put the question "will it be like unreleased original Fallout 3 (Van Buren)?" and received "no". That was the last drop. I do not want to play damn Commandos. I want to play R-P-G. So that game is for people who feel the same…"

Another 2 questions I received from backers are concerned about the Director’s Cut Edition and MARPCO Robo Dog.

To make it clear, DC will not have substantiation content except for extra animations and several minor possibilities which most of the players doesn't care (like "child killer" status in Fallout 2). Yes, it will be available like DLC upgrade but I can’t say for now when and for how much. But that release must not disappoint the backers who pledge for it now - their trust should be rewarded.

And regarding MARPCO Robo Dog... Yes it will be available like DLC. That fully scripted companion will not have its storyline except for background story. It will be customizable. It's up to you to assemble it for different purposes (mule, combat, detection, recon etc). And once again I can’t say for now when and for how much. Release must not disappoint the backers who pledge for it now - their trust should be rewarded. I'd like to give that companion as a FREE DLC, but with decent later release date.

So, feel free to suggest new ideas. Thank you for your support and, please, do not regard our project as 'hopeless'. As one person wrote about it on a forum: "You can think "it's not going to make it, why bother pledging" and "I'll pledge, it probably won't make it so I don't lose anything, but if it does, this is the type of game I would like to play". I prefer the 2nd approach."


Here it is a draft of Character Creation stages in SACPIC game mechanics.
Stage 1: SPECIES
Stage 2: RACE
Stage 3: GENDER
Stage 5: STATS
Stage 6: FEATS
Stage 7: SKILLS

Beyond that, during the game you will be able to pick up up to 2 PROFESSIONS (from many) and customize your IMPLANT.


Important: not in-game screenshot, just a draft from design document.

Humans are the most diverse and contradictory species in the world of After Reset. Being one of most adaptable, flexible, fierce predators on the planet humans easily gnawed their way to the top of the food chain in the Past Age. Along with that humans kept and developed exalted soulful life drivers like love, compassion, faithfulness and self-sacrifice. As well as passion, violence, betrayal and madness.

Average humans' height varies from 5 to 6 feet tall with an average weight of 125 to 250 pounds. Men are normally heavier and taller than the typical woman. The humans' skin color varies from almost black to pale white, also the humans typical hair color is from black to blonde, these hairstyles can fluctuate from curly, kinky or straight. Men's facial hair varies from sparse too thick.

During the Past Age humans overpopulated the Earth. By the count of the United Governments human population exceeds 17 billion of people by the end of 2BC. During the Reset more than 99% of them perished. The human civilization as we know it was destroyed during that apocalypse or the yeas followed by it.

Species Traits:
Base HP: 10.
HP per level: 8.
Base Speed: 30ft.
Base Field of View: 180-degree.


Important: not in-game screenshot, just a draft from design document.

Pastagers or Iron Worms (sometimes called 'Yankees' by people of the New Confederacy, contemptuously, or 'Underneath Demons' by the wild tribes of the former North America) are citizens of the United Governments that have been seen on the surface by descendants of survivors over the 100+ years after the Reset.

During the Reset several millions from a population of over 17 billion were able to find refuge in specially equipped underground bases and over hundreds of years to expand them into fully fledged underground cities. By the 132AR the citizens of United Governments could be rarely met on the surface. The majority of them inhabit under the Earth within highly advanced underground megapolises. Despite their small numbers they still keep the technologies of the Past Age and its way of living.

The political system of the United Governments’ society is meritocracy/technocracy/corporatocracy. This is largely due to the huge influence that the elite (the so-called majority shareholders of the Earth) had on the establishment of the United Governments, formation of the "blue" and "white" lists by which United Governments citizens that enjoyed priority prior evacuation to underground cities were selected before the Reset. Due to that pastagers' nature tends to conflict through dominance but they have no special penchant for any alignment. The heroes and the villains are found among them.

The average lifespan of Pastagers during the years before and after the Reset was increased up to 115 years. The major roles in that were played by science technologies and anxious attitude to human life (the lives of UG citizens, primarily).

Racial Traits:
Size: Medium.
Type: Humanoid.
Base Initiative: 0.
Base Armor Class: 10.
Save Bonus Disposition*: 1.
Base Attack Bonus: medium.

Alignment: any.

Level Adjustment: none.
Stats Adjustment: none.

Racial Perks: Quick to Learn**, Skilled***.

*Save Bonus Disposition: amount of save bonus specialization (from 0 to 3). Determines randomly amount of Bonus Saves Category (Fortitude, Reflex or Will) that will be randomly set to High.
**Quick to Learn: 1 extra perk at 1st level.
***Skilled: 4 extra skill points at first level, plus 1 additional skill point at each following level.


Important: not in-game screenshot, just a draft from design document.

Males: Males of the After Reset world can excel in whatever profession they choose.

Females: Females of the After Reset world can excel in, and are pretty the equal of their male counterparts in every opportunities.

There are no social restrictions for male or female citizens of the United Governments in choosing their careers in Social, Science, Economic or Military Corps. Males and females of the United Governments are completely equal by their rights or possibilities.

Meanwhile among the anarchistic society of Survivors, the descendants of people who survived the Reset on the surface females are mostly treated like one of the most valuable resource. Due to that they quite often get into slavery and become the reason of wars between groups of Survivors. Within the emerging New Confederacy, regardless its patriarchal tendency, treatment to women is pretty close to the Past Age and women have the same writes as men have.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned!

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This looks amazing and the idea sounds like heaven.

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