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Character Spotlight : Mason Ward. This is basically a run through of Masons past life, and the events leading up to current activity of his life.

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Mason Ward, before all went to hell, he was an athletic, charismatic and a well known public figure within his community . He was a P.E. instructor to children in the local high school, and from his occasional holiday leave from work, he would volunteer out in Africa, helping victims who suffer from AIDS and malaria.

That was , of course, until he lost his wife. It devastated him, for months at a time he would vanish from his town, trying to find his purpose in life, but eventually he just gave up. Mason lost all of his friends after developing serious mental issues, he became so bitter and disillusioned that he alienated himself from everyone, even himself.

With suicidal tendencies, he attempted suicide three times, one hanging and twice with antibiotics. The first time was the hanging, the rope snapped. And both times with the antibiotics, his body rejected them with furious vigor, almost as if something was telling him to stop. Realizing this (or just pure irrationality) , he set out trying to reclaim what he had lost, with the exception of his wife.

He figured if he could help others by any means possible, then he would become a good person again. Upon one visit to Paradox Juno (A major city, much like New York), he noticed a Parcel booth in one of the busiest street. It's slogan was, "A pathway to a higher level". He made an inquiry with the person behind the booth, learning that it was a medical drug trials station. What better way to help people by intoxicating yourself, making sure that these drugs are safe.

Mason was completely unaware of the true intentions of Parcel, and went through with the testing.....

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