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Find out who I like and why ! Yay ! I'm egocentric !

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No 1: Crowley: Crowley was the son of Lucky John, an Midlander Trader who managed to get modest success in Land Trade Routs. After changing to Naer Ron after gaining an contract from The Royal Trade Office (that were disgruntled by their recent loss of cargo on The Great Sea), he build a modest company called the Old Lucky Trade. Crowley grew as an lively youngster, constantly drinking on taverns and barns throgh Naer Ron. By the time the 12 Year Truce ended, Crowley was drafted into the army were he served both on the border and at Mavet, during the Highlander Warband incident. He was eventually disgruntled by the "Leave The Weak Behind" war politic, and frequently got disciplined by such. After Mavet, he was tranfered to National Guard, but got expelled for drinking. After that, his fate is well known...


It's love damn it not like! Ha ha. So Crowley is your No 1 favourite character? I thought it would have Ascher.

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Also_known_as_Peter Author

It's from last to first !

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Oh, I understand.

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