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I am just jawing about my struggles. I didn't think my creative juices would hate me so darn much so soon.

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So I am having more trouble then I first thought on developing my main cast. It's mostly the name problem. I thought I had a pretty good idea but now I'm fairly certain I want to make it a tiny bit cliche with the main two.

What I'm saying is I want to name the protagonist under a name that means Sun and the other main cast member under something that means Moon. So far I only have Sol Queen, but the last name has got to change for our poor hero.

On the other hand I have Miah Lukas Archibald which doesn't sound half bad but there has to be a better name that means moon. I don't necessarily want to use Japanese names because this is a English made game and that be sort of hijacking the amercanese trope.

Hero - Sol??? Lastname?

Secondary ' Hero ' - Miah( Moon?) goes by lukas? Last name Archibald?

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