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An insight to the female role of The Freeman Project.

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During the 90's as a teenager, Valerie experimented with all sorts of drugs, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and even heroine. She was a rebel of sorts, "down with the establishment" kind of effort. While the drugs did dumb her down, they also opened up a door in her mind, she became more self aware than any other. Around 2004, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, even though benign, it still had detrimental effects to her health.

After receiving this news, she decided to leave where she was, travel the world, meet new people in her last few breaths of living. Across her travels she came across a few interesting characters, most notably was Merv Vicious. They swapped stories and became very good friends afterward. Two years down the line of this friendship, Merv had told Valerie of a company he had just bought out using experimental drugs which could completely cure her tumor. Apprehensively, she agreed to undergo the procedure.

Another three years pass before they both hear any news of this revolutionary drug, and they become lovers in that short time. Immediately, Merv, being the person who funds Parcel, puts her name forward and she is accepted with no qualms. They wait patiently, and on one Sunday morning, they get the call, "We are ready for you Miss Swann, please make your way to the Parcel Clinic in Paradox Juno".

Valerie had to go alone, and now she awaits to be put under.

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