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Character Specials Weapons and Uses within Treads racing system!

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Each player starts the race with one special attack. Only players who occupy
third or fourth place have a chance of obtaining another special.

  • Bucket: Dirty Diaper – Obstructs the vision of all other players with disgusting splat of poo on the opponent’s screens.
  • Frank the Executioner: Berserker – Becomes invincible. No weapons can affect him, if he rams another player they are sent flying and their vehicle is stopped momentarily.
  • Princess Vu-doom: Shrink – Shrinks all other characters causing their top speed to drop dramatically while boosting their turning capabilities. She can also run over a shrunken player flattening them. A flattened character is stopped briefly but then returns to normal size.
  • Nerd: Hack Controls – All other players’ controls are reversed, where left becomes right (vise versa) and the acceleration and brake keys are switched.

I want to be the nerd, but I will be confused about the moving controls ^^

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