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How about some info on some of SPB's characters? :)

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Hamada Tatsuya (16):
Second year high schooler in Higurashi Hinodai, he recently lost his mother, and entered depression. As he decides to become his old self again, he meets Nayuki, whose charm and friendliness help him overcome it.
In the past, used to play guitar in the park to earn some money. Mai used to hear him pretty often, and she developed admiration towards him. If not for this, she'd never have let him approach her.

Josef Ludwig (56):

Josef is a PhD professor "secretly" hired by Mai's parents to teach Biology to her. He is very active, outgoing and loves a good joke. Even though he is very eloquent and rather charming, Mai hated his personality, as he's unable to not throw in a stupid joke in middle of an explanation. His hobby is to flirt with young girls just for fun, but he dares not do that with Nayuki. He also has a rather strange obsession for his 8 year old son.

Ukita Mai (15):

Mai is the shy type, although she easily opens up to Tatsuya. She worries a lot for his well doing, and although very inteligent, she's easily deceived and can be silly. When she was born, her parents were over protective, fearing the Samurai's curse, which resulted in her not easily trusting anyone, and lacking any childhood friends. Mai also has a hard time putting up with Josef's outgoing personality, and is a first year high schooler in Higurashi Hinodai.

Ichijou Ayumi (16):

Ayumi is a very energetic and cheery girl. Although smart, her kind heart and gullible heart makes her be easily deceived, sometimes putting her in dangerous situations. Though cute and seemingly defenceless, she is the only girl skilled in a martial art and self defence. Her actions are also very influenced by her emotions, and she values a lot her friendships with the girls and Tatsuya. She is a second year high schooler in Higurashi Hinodai. Ayumi likes Josef's personality. and thinks he's very funny, though she'd rather he didn't try to hit on her just for fun. Ayumi also easily melts on a bit of romance.

Tokugawa Nayuki (20):

She is the most outgoing of all three girls. Smart and fast to decide, she isn't afraid of stating her opinion, and is hard to be persuaded or deceived. She is ashamed of her family bloodline, but she herself has many regrets from her past actions. Although she likes Josef's personality, she thinks he's too perverted, or straightforward, and wouldn't hold back if she thought he deserved a nice fist on the face. Due to Nayuki's age, looks and family, almost everyone in Higurashi Hinodai is intimidated by her presence. She hates how everyone is judging or despising her, though she wouldn't expect less after what she's done.
Although she's 20 years old, Nayuki is still a second year high schooler.

Fuyumi Maori (18):

The second playable character. In her story, she wakes up in a hospital room with no memories of her past, and her body is almost immobile. By her side, is a 15 year old boy named Ogawa Takumi who claims to be her brother. After much physical therapy to recover her movements, she is taken to the boy's home, where two people also claim to be her parents. They say she was adopted when she was still a baby, but Maori feels they're lying, though she doesn't find anything that proves it. She has a room, clothing, old toys, pictures and much else, yet nothing's capable of driving that feeling away from her chest. What's worse: Since she woke up, she always has two different dreams. In one, she's alone in an empty "nothingness", and in the other, she is stalked by a shadow that attempts to murder her, and none of the Ogawas know the reason for those dreams.

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