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A breakdown of how the emote/chat system works in Bo's Bluff, along with an explanation of why it's so important to the game.

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Howdy Folks,

Most of you may have overlooked the emote/chat system as a rather small part of the game. BUT ALAS! It is a rather substantial part of the game that adds immersion, builds lore and conveys key information about the game at hand.

The ability to use pre-written chat options and emotes allows players to express themselves, get silly at times, and role-play their character.

AUTO EMOTES - These are emotes that will occur automatically to share specific information about what is occurring in the game. Players do not select these. Most have several options, one of which will be picked at random. Thus it'll take awhile for you to see all the chat options your character is capable of (keeping the game fresher, longer).

SELECTABLE EMOTES - These are emotes/chat options players may select themselves. A key emote here is "Accuse", which is how players will accuse each other of cheating. "Random Banter" randomly selects from a rather large pool of text. A nice thing about this system is that text takes up so little space, we can in theory have thousands of chat options (but we probably won't go overboard). Or we'll be able to switch up the dialogues of each character for special events (like holidays).

Here's a breakdown of how it looks (ps Larry is a demon possessing a llama's body) :

Larry the Llama

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Caught Cheating

  • Well now, this is embarrassing!
  • I commend your keen eye, friend.
  • Can’t blame a Llama for trying!

Accused of Cheating (but not caught)

  • How dare you think a demon possessed Llama would cheat!
  • Cheating? I don’t think I’m familiar with the practice.
  • I WILL DEVOUR YO - *ahem* Cheat? Of course not.

Overall Loss

  • Losing is okay. So is cursing your family and your offspring.
  • Well played, mortal, well played.
  • Oh wretched game! YOU SHALL BE THE END OF ME!

Overall Win / Aces High

  • Bahaha! Llama’s Luck, perhaps?
  • This win almost makes being trapped in a llama tolerable
  • I have brought honor to Demons and Llamas alike! Huzzah!


  • I shall hold.
  • *chews on one of the cards* Hm? oh yes, I hold.
  • SO. TEMPTED. TO...NO! I’ll hold.


  • Smells like victory *chews on card* tastes like dirt
  • I believe I’ve “Apexed”, jealous?
  • You can Apex too, just sell me your soul...


  • Keep it together Lary...Don’t want to go back to the darkness!
  • That was on purpose. All part of my plan. *eye twitches*

Let Timer Run Out

  • Sorry, I was dreaming about stealing your body.
  • Patience...Patience...DEATH!...Patience...
Selectable Emotes

Emote 1 / Accuse

  • Are you...cheating?
  • Excuse me, what’s that up your sleeve?
  • Have you been cheating this whole time? I’m impressed.

Emote 2 (threat) - If I catch you cheating, I’ll bite you :)
Emote 3 (threat) - Never try to cheat a Llama, weee seee evvverrrything o_o
Emote 4 (angry) - I SHALL FEAST ON YOUR SOUL!
Emote 5 (angry) - You are getting on my nerves.
Emote 6 (bored) - Hell is more entertaining than this...
Emote 7 (excited/happy) - I’m elated, truly, I am.
Emote 8 (thoughtful/confused) - Pardon me?
Emote 9 (scared/worried) - Oh wretched day, this is not good.
Emote 10 / Random Banter -

  • Do you mind if I recommend you to my friends for possession?
  • Hell is nice...well, no, it’s not.
  • The Darkness will eat the sun and feast on the world.
  • I actually detest the Darkness.
  • I escaped the Darkness 3 years ago.
  • It’s not easy being stuck in a Llama.
  • Hands would be nice, hooves are not all that great.
  • For a Llama, I’m surprisingly nimble with cards.
  • I hear the Iron Witch can grant wishes...doubt it’s true.
  • I use to spend my days tempting the living, now I eat grass.
  • Witchcraft is a perversion, it’s wonderful.
  • I wonder if a demon can redeem themselves?
  • This place is hell to most, but a second chance to some.
  • It’s odd, but I find it highly satisfying to spit on people.
  • *gnaws on the table* Yep...did not taste good.
  • The Forgotten West sure attracts a lot of peculiarities.
  • I hear Bo has a secret.
  • Dusk is upon us, time to board up the windows.
  • I hear the Iron Witch directly supplies this establishment.
  • Since I became a Llama, I’ve been studying witchcraft.
  • No, you may not have a ride. -_-
  • I’m a Llama, not a donkey. Show some respect!
  • I’m sure I have better things to do but, play on!
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