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Starting today we have some brand new ways you can interact with the team. Also you can watch the character creation video!

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Hey Tal'Dorians!

Starting today we have some brand new ways you can interact with the team and get an insider scoop on development, this will open us up to new ways to engage you and get your feedback on what is happening.


  • New Team Member
  • Connect With Us
  • Character Creation
  • LAQ

New Team Member

We would like to introduce Jay who is a recent addition to our team; he is a community manager by trade and will be helping out with our newsletters, social media, and interacting with all of you. This will allow us to focus on development while Jay keeps everyone up to date on what is happening.

A little about Jay:

  • His name and username is the same, so if you're wanting to chat with him just look for jayrab
  • He loves Voxel and RPG games
  • Has a pet Husky/Wolf
  • And has over 7 years of experience in the game development world

Connect With Us

We would love to talk with you and have you hang out with the team, but haven't had a good place to do it in the past so we have added a new Discord server and Steam group for you to come and join us!

  • To connect with us on Discord just click this link: SuneX Games on Discord (If you do not have a discord account the link will automatically help you create one)
  • To connect with us on Steam just click this link: SuneX Games on Steam

Character Creation

In our last DDD article we shared with you some of the ideas and concepts behind character creation but wanted to include in this article a video for you to see how it works first hand:


Here are our Last Asked Questions for this week.

"What platforms will the game be released on?"

We are currently working on a PC build for the Steam client

"Are we able to support you by making models for you?"

We gladly will implement Community Creations in Tal'Doria. Also we're going to release some guidelines for you quite soon.

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