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Character creation! What kind of MMO recreation would Wc3:WoW be without one?

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A user on The Hive Workshop suggested that we release a video of Wc3:WoW's brand new character creation system once it is complete. And because our character creation system is far more complex and different from all other character creation systems made for WarCraft III - plus the fact that it's a great feature in the mod - why not upload a video to show it off?!

Now, don't get too excited. The character creation system is still under heavy development - though Yixx has been making a lot of progress with it - and our need for custom player models for each race and gender is growing. However, I've been looking for character modelers again in the WarCraft III modding community and so far only one has stepped up to the challenge. So we'll see... but if you're curious as to why we need custom player models for both genders and all races, it's because we're allowing the player to customize their character's in the character creation phase. Didn't mention that before? Well there you have it. We're aiming to allow players to customize multiple things: hair styles, beards, mustaches, tusks, horns, skin tone, etc.

This may sound really difficult to do, and as a matter of fact, it kind of is. But our solution to allowing all of this is to basically make the character models first with no hair at all, no tusks, and no horns. Now, a Tauren with no horns looks pretty ridiculous - and don't worry, we're not adding naked, hornless, hairless Taurens! - but our reason for making them have no hair or anything like that is so we can make a separate model meant specifically for that character model and simply attach a hair model or pair of horns to the head of the player model in-game. We do this with every player model. It's a tedious process for modelers and texture artists, but it's well worth it in the end.

When the system is complete, expect a video demonstrating the system up shortly after. ;-)

PS: I've done a lot of revising in the Valley of Trials terrain. It's more compact unfortunately, but it'll do. Expect two or more screenshots of Wc3:WoW tomorrow! (Friday)


Cool man, so do you mean that players can change appearens and clothes?? :D

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Craka_J Author

Just physical appearance. Though you can see your character's equipment (weapons & armor) in the game.

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