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I sat down a bit back and had written some of the background bios for each character that would be in the game. I think it might be time to share of this and see what you the gamers and the fans think of the characters and how I've rewritten thier historical footprints in this time line?

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We've talked about cast and such and which characters would be involved in this alternate universe of The ADP/BGC Universe and timeline. After some discussions we figured it would be best to share some of the information with our watchers and fans. I took in to account the age of the characters and how they should be from the time of their own involvement from thier perspective timeline/series and they have aged as normal, or at least appear to age as normal is some cases.

Rod Kimbal
Age: 33 (3rd Gen Voomer Sim Project same one that Hans is in.)
Hair: Mid grayish Silver
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’7.5
Weight: 181 lbs

Brief Historical Profile
Rod was part of the branch division of the a.d. police till the nuclear hostage incident of 2037. Enter one Liam Fletcher a rouge bio-voomer (like Hans and Rod) who was the leading force behind The Packer Syndicate terrorist group. They were the ones that took Area 67’s nuclear fusion center that powers half of megatokyo’s main utilities and operations mainframe (Center of megatokyo.) in an attempt to start a Voomer wide revolt by infecting the city mainframe with a Vooomer Virus that would allow Fletcher to control 96% of the voomer populace on the Japanese island. With help from Daley Wong, Tokushio Murio and Jose Collins with that four man squad, they took out the group, and apprehended and deactivated Liam Fletcher and shipped him for disassembly. However the ship that was transporting the remains disappeared and no wreckage retrieved nor confirmed as being sunk. The ship is still labeled as lost at sea.

Basil Nikvest
Age: 40
EX A.D. Police Officer
Hair: Black
Eyes: green
Height: 5’5
Weight: 146 lbs
Weapon of Choice: His Mind

Basil AKA “Buzz” Nikvest one the few people in the a.d. police that was recruited from outside the technology Mecca of Japan. Basil was one of Interpol’s finest officers and was brought into the a.d. police for a covert operation involving criminals who in fact were really voomers with the criminal’s brain and personality imprints encoded into them. It wasn’t till a confrontation with one of these voomers where buzz was forced to take one down using a specialized tazer for non lethal apprehension of criminals. It was then after seeing the criminal’s eye explodes throwing sparks and giving his team the open fire command that he inadvertently uncovered an illegal operation of voomers being used by the packer cartel to do their dirty work for them w/o lifting a finger themselves. After this Basil was promoted captain given his own office on the 47th floor of Shinjuku’s A.D. Police HQ Operations Center and network hub. After losing his friend and ex-girlfriend Angel lynch in a raid at Genom Corp where she was being pulled out from the deep cover operations she was assigned. She was crushed to death by one genom’s military voomers. Basil left the force retired his gun and badge. He disappeared for 3 yrs and just recently returned after opening a well known and established global securities firm headquarters in the shibuya district.

Reiko Michaelson
Age: 28
A.D. Police Captain
Squad Leader
Hair: Black
Eyes: blue
Height: 5’3
Weight: 119 lbs
Weapon of Choice: Any Projectile based weapon

Reiko Michaelson is someone whose beauty hides her real age and level of danger. She by all appearances looks like a 17 yr old Asian College freshman. But in reality she’s one Shinjuku’s tougher Police officers. Her love of weapons is only matched by that of one other A.D. Police officer in Megatokyo. She is also a known marksman and demolitions expert as well. She takes her position quite serious and defends her stance on dealing punishment as seen fit, even if it doesn’t match with the legal system which is why she is only a Captain still instead of a Section chief with an office of her own in a different section of Megatokyo. She has a thing for older more seasoned men as well, which would explain her fondness for Basil Nikvest her old partner and now a retired officer with his own security company

Mary Malon
Age: 24
A.D. Police Detective
Branch Spec Ops Sniper
Hair: Magenta
Eyes: blue
Height: 5’3
Weight: 126
Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle wi/Exotic ammo

Mary Malon is an energetic young woman, being born in the unites states and from California, provides some entertaining incidents at times. She was attached to The NYPD before she joined branch and the A.D. Police. She is an excellent marksman and an avid weapons collector. She works well within the teamwork and her fellow comrades in arms. Mary likes to behave like a bad ass vet in front of the new officers since she was part of the swat team in New York. She has a secret crush on Kenji and can’t tell him of it.

Nancy Wilson
Age: 36
A.D. Police Detective
Shinjuku HQ Section Chief
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’7
Weight: 132 lbs
Weapon of Choice: Pyrotechnics

Nancy Wilson is a New York Gajin, she’s pretty but has assertive personality. Nancy was married but it ended on a sour note was and divorced a year ago. Her biggest responsibility’s her 5 yr old daughter. But with being busy at work, her sister helps take care of her daughter a good portion of the time. But Nancy’s sister Denise is more than happy to spend time with her niece. Nancy is a responsible and motivated manager. She is quite protective of her subordinates. She can't tolerate "political issue" and will usually stand against any unreasonable orders from the district HQ that involve her team if the risk is too volatile Nancy works very hard and treats most orders and back up requests in no-nonsense way. With her long hours and the stress that she endures its Kenji she looks to discuss things and be able to talk with as herself and not the chief with the badge.

Kenji Sasaki
Age: 24
A.D Police Detective
Div: Branch Spec. Ops
Hair: Rustic Red
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5’6
Weight: 168 lbs
Weapon of Choice: P90

Kenji Sasaki has keen vision and reflexes. He is quiet reserved having a sense of justice and passion inside his heart. His probably is the trauma from the car accident that killed his parents when he was only 7 years old. He grew up in an educational facility that has a firm hand and belief in strict education. What Kenji applied and took with him from this facility is “You are the only one you can count on," Ergo the lack of emotional response when people die in front of him. Ironically it takes his voomer assign partner and his fellow officer in arms and off duty girlfriend Nancy who is in the voomer crimes division, to bring him out of his locked up state emotionally.

These are just some of the ones that I think are complete enough to share at the moment so I may share the next set soon as I have those compiled properly. Anyone care to share feedback?

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