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Chapter 3's construction and scripting is now 100% complete, and all that remains is testing!

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Hello again, everyone!

I am extremely excited to report that the entirety of Abduction is now fully constructed and scripted!

This project, which began on February 2nd of this year (2011), has been an amazing experience for me and has taught me an incredible amount about the HPL2 engine and even some basic coding techniques. For something that I worked on only during my free time, I am quite proud of it, and I sincerely hope you all enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Abduction should be released in-full within a few days. The reason for the delay is to make sure I can get all of the bugs ironed out before releasing it to the public. There will not be a beta testing phase this time, but I WILL be using a personal friend of mine to do a blind test for me. That way, I can check to make sure all of the extra entities, music, particles, etc. are included in the download, and that everything works as it should.

I would like to thank everyone who complimented me on Abduction and all of those who gave me feedback/criticism, without which I would never have finished this story, nor would it have been any good (assuming it is now, of course :P).

My plans for the future are as follows: I WILL be making a new custom story, though I may not get started on it right away. I would very much like to make Abduction a full-conversion mod, but it is not number one on my to-do-list as I primarily want to get the story itself released in time for Frictional's Custom Story contest (the deadline for which has not been stated yet, to my knowledge).

Thanks again for all of the support, and keep an eye on this page over the next few days. It will be out shortly :)


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