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Quick Update on the first game I plan on trying to make!

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#1. Chaos Underworld (Not Official Name at All)-This name can be decided upon later or whenever actually I just felt it needed a name.
-This game should be an Open World PVP game.
-The Map needs to be Huge about 10k x 10k hopefully maybe 5k x 5k to start.
-The Main Objective of this game is to get as many kills as possible within the given time period (Probably 1-7 days)
-There are two teams in the world. The names are undecided.-The teams fight to see if they can get the most kills by the end of the time period and then the team with the most kills at the end get a prize.-At the end of the time period the player’s kills will reset as well as the teams and which player the team is on.-At the beginning of every time period the players will get to choose which side they wish to be on (Auto-Balance May Have to take effect)-There will be 4 Races, each having their own special attributes.-There will also be the default traits of RPG games like Defense, Speed, Attack, Luck, Dexterity, Intellect-There will also be weapon specialism and armor specialism as well as magic and a streaking factor!

-The streaking factor is what I call a child’s play factor. It is an effect that you get if you wear no armor or clothing that gives you a speed boost but decreased your defense to the point that you are 1 hit killed by everyone.

This is all I have for now and hopefully I will be coming up with more! If you are interested in helping feel free to message me because I am actually looking into making a gaming company not just making a small little game and quitting. I could use all the help I could get!

~Jay Cade

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