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Due to the fantastic opportunity of having our 11th article coincide with the date 11/11/11 we decided to do something special, we've got a juicy article for you inside packed with new renders and updates!

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Whats Changed Since Last Time?
Since last time we've had a new addition to our team, Tomas Lopez, he will be joining the team as a 3D Prop Modeler as well as a Texture and UI Artist, other than that the team has seen massive progress these past few weeks, Ron has been hard at work programming AI as well as spawn points and has even finished setting up a starting point for our melee combat system, right now you can walk around the level clicking the left mouse button to attack once in range at the moment though there are no animations but that should be remedied by the next news post.

Jason has finished work on setting up the starting screen for Siege of Inaolia and will soon be getting the main menu screen in as well (with some help from Tomas), Tomas himself has been placed in charge of getting some of our models all textured up(and as you can see from the renders below he's doing a pretty good job).

Matthew has been able to complete most of the ruins for the survival arena (which I will be attaching below so you can marvel at his work) and just has two more to go before he begins working on assets for the story mode of the game while Jay is still working on Duncan and expects it to be complete by the coming Monday or Tuesday.

Artem is still working on the revised Orc Grunt animations and expects to have them completed around the same time as Jay, this included the walk, run and attack animations, Aditya our concept artist is currently creating a full body concept of the Ravager Daemon and we should have that for you guys to see soon.

The level designers Lukasz as well as Jamie have been no slackers in their part, Lukasz has been busy importing all of our game ready models into static meshes, skeletal meshes and what not as well as creating a variant on the survival arena in the form of a snow based map in contrast to Jamies forest based map, I myself have been working on a few assets in the form of weapons for the orc grunts as well as writing Act 2 of the Script.

Renders/Screenshots Renders/Screenshots Renders/Screenshots Renders/Screenshots Renders/Screenshots Renders/Screenshots Renders/Screenshots

So What Is Your Current Aim?
Our current aim is to have our survival arenas in a playable form(albeit very basic) so that we can start building up from there, the entire team is set on a deadline of the 19th of November and they're all doing the best they can so that we(as well as the fans) can try out the survival arenas and see all our hard work and effort pay off.

After we have the survival arenas to a decent level of polish we will be pushing forward to finishing up the story mode of the game which currently is on the back burner, I expect to finish Act 2 by Sunday and hand the script over to the voice actors so they can start recording their lines.

Renders/Screenshots Renders/Screenshots

What Else Have You Guys Got Hidden Up Your Sleeves?
A New Website! Yes! I have finally finished up work on the website, currently it is registered under the domain due to some transfers with our normal domain, CLICK HERE to view our new website which will be updated constantly with the newest renders, videos and where you can find all you'll need to know about Siege of Inaolia!

I am also going to start recording our progress on the game and post a video on what we've accomplished in the previous weeks every time we have a new article released.

What Have You Got Planned To Show Us Next?
I hope to have some new screenshots of the survival arena very soon hopefully with a few orcs running around, expect a new Audio Preview as well in the coming weeks!

That's all we've got for our 11th Article, be sure to track us on IndieDB, like us on Facebook and subscribe to us on Youtube.

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