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We have give it a lot of thought about changing our game engine lately and we have taken a decision

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We are changing our Engine

Due to recent events we have decided to switch from the Hero Engine to the Unreal Engine 4. Switching from Hero to Unreal has been a long and hard decision, we even used the Unity engine but it simply lacks the visual power and accessibillity Unreal has at a rather great price.
Unreal Engine is simply a way better engine and its just the thing we need at the moment. Even though Hero Engine would have taken care of our servers and networking part we just couldn't aford it and by the time we will actually need a server we will have the money from Skyrille: Arena

Skyrille: Arena

We have lately been working on our maps more and we are revising the way we work to a more professional way, one that helps us more. We have been pretty much doing everything on the first go but we understood that in order to make this game truly remarkable we need to start with place holder and build the maps with actual 3D models afterwards. Stay tuned for more ;)

PS: You can now find uss on Game Jolt where we will have a Development Diary every now and then, you guys should definettely check it out

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