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I am planning to remove the puzzles in the mod and replace it with pure exploration as it would be in the mod's interest!

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It's update time again! So let me give it to you straight - I am going to replace the original concept of the mod with a new, different approach that I think it will be more effective of telling the story of this project, this concept includes removing the puzzle elements and replacing them with pure exploration with the orange windows showing into random realities and white windows show to the main characters past and possible future! Along with the sudden change of direction of this mod I'm thinking of changing the name as well to go along with this idea. I don't know what it will be since I have multiple ideas on this subject but this mod is very well alive!

I'm hopping that I can get the alpha out to select number of people to test this concept in the next couple of months but we'll see how that goes along.

Thanks for reading what's happening and I'll update you soon!

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