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3D Maze game, which is only a working title for now but as the title suggests it is a 3D maze game but different from other maze games that are currently on the market. This game will be made for Tablet systems and it will use the gyroscope system to control the ball around the maze, allowing basically anyone to pick up a tablet and are able to jump into the game and play it. Levels will start off very simple and easy so the player gets how the ball moves and feels in the game.

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So rather then have a boring tutorial or boxes of texts to explain how to move and what to do, players can just play and learn while playing allowing the player to not really feel like they are just learning.

So you play as a God, you grab a large chunk of land from different worlds and universes rolling a godlike ball around these different worlds and universes. Any non believers or those who stand in your way will be crushed, will this help get more followers? Probably not but then again maybe they will either way you wont stop. Though you don't have to crush anyone, maybe you are simply there for a visit? You are the god you decide!

So there will be 3 game modes, Maze Mode, Smite mode and Time Attack mode.

Maze mode is the simplest mode where the player just gets from Point A to point B and goes through the levels with each level increasing in difficulty as they go through the levels. Smite mode adds people to the maze who try and run away from the ball while also creating hazards to stop you from reaching point B, you are able to run the people over with your ball while avoiding the hazards they create. Time Attack mode is a mode where you try finish the levels as fast as you can. You can either choose from Maze mode where you try get to point A to point B as fast as you can or you can choose Smite mode to add more of a challenge to players adding people and hazards while trying to finish the level as fast as they can.

The mazes themselves range from a whole different themed worlds, such as Halloween, Aztec, Medieval, Sci-Fi and more. As players go through the different themed levels they will unlock content such as new levels and new ball designs, allowing the player to change their ball to go through the maze. For example you could have the Aztec ball rolling through a Halloween level, themes are worlds with their own special theme and they are split into three levels once they beat all three levels, they will move onto a new set of mazes and theme.

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