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Just yesterday the 3D maze game idea has changed (for the better) it will still be a maze game, you will still be going from point A to B (more or less) which is what a maze game is, its simple and not much rules apply nor is there anything else to it.... until now!

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So we have gotten the maze mechanics sorted and everything is sorted, we also have recently upgraded our Unity to Unity 5 (It's awesome!) so the ball moves nicely and acts how a ball does in a maze but a friend from another indie studio showed an idea what he had for the maze using his own assets he had made with another one of his titles and we liked what we saw!

Our idea was going to be simply the walls were going to be made to match the theme and that was basically it (including the ball and floor itself) but whats different is, we make assets to match the theme (for example medieval theme with have houses and fences for the walls and the outside walls will be castle walls and stone ground) and to also have people running around that run away from the ball but you could crush them with the ball for extra bonus points! Also to keep it with the rest of the games we are working on (God related themes) we would have a chunk of the ground that appears to of been ripped up by a god and have these godlike hands holding the chunk of land and rolling the ball around, so perhaps your not a nice god or maybe not a god at all!

This idea will be discussed more but for now this is the direction the simple 3D maze game is going (and will be named something else) and will show off progress in the weeks to come! A little work in progress, showing how one of the levels is coming along can be found in the gallery!

Also for our Aussie followers/readers out there if your in the Melbourne area come check our booth to see some of the titles we are working on! The Atrium in Federation Square, Melbourne on Sunday 29th March!

-Kyle Bacon

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