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This post summarizes what changes will becoming to the game in Darkstar.

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General Changes:

- Units in game are replaced to fit the new theme.

- Galaxy size will increase.

- More planets to populate the galaxy.

- More planet types. (Eg: Nebula, rogue stations etc)

- More planets will have special units/structures tied to them. (Eg: a pirate's lair might be able to produce pirate ships, or a prison planet can build prisons etc.)

- Land combat will be a tad more tactical (Eg: some maps won't be very fit for vehicles and others might not be suited for infantry etc.)

- Galactic Conquest will be more tactical. (Eg: Not all buildings are buildable on all planets, more restrictions on what can be built and where but also more unique buildings for some planets.)

- New ship types. (Eg: Carrier ship, with many hangars but little weaponry)

- More special structures for space. (The gravity well is an example of a special structure for space)

- More land structures. (Eg: Prisons, living quarters)

These are very short summaries of changes I've planned for the game. If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to ask in the comments section or in a PM!

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