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Quick summary of updates and fixes to release 1 content in release 2.

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  • Added classic firing sound on a trial basis
  • No longer requires line-of-sight to fire at enemies (Very difficult for player and especially AI to use the release 1 method)
  • Weapon produces a severe blood splash whilst damaging enemy infantry
  • Enemy infantry killed by the Pillbox weapon die in pools of their own blood!
Pillbox  repelling communist


  • Now correctly takes extra damage if attacked from the side or rear
  • Range increased from 500 -> 575
  • Fixed texture to show RA1 Allied logo and not RA2 Allied logo!
Allied Artillery

  • Artillery shell now blasts infantry into little bits!
  • Heroic 'Rocket propelled' shell has a new trail effect
Allied Artillery

Rocket Soldier

  • Redone selection portrait
  • Added new rocket trail effect
Rocket Soldiers


  • Changed Allied logo to the RA 1 version
  • Fixed transparency issues with the rotors
Allied Longbow

  • Voice now uses aspects of the USA Comanche from generals
  • The Longbow 'Chaingun' upgrade is no longer done per helicopter but is now a global upgrade researched at the Tech centre (Costs: $3000, research takes 60secs)
  • Longbow chaingun causes a mild 'blood hit' effect on infantry it attacks
  • A heroic Longbow that has just exited from using it's 'Chronoshift' ability now has a minor 'electrical' effect (derived from the Scrin fleets 'In Ion storm FX) that lasts for a few seconds, this is for show only
  • New missile trails
Longbow Missile trails



  • Now use Red Alert voices
  • New selection & button portrait
Soviet Grenadier Squad

  • Grenades now blast infantry to pieces
Soviet Grenadier

Rifle Soldiers

  • New selection & button portrait
  • Now use AK47s
Soviet Rifle Squad

  • Minor 'blood hit' effect when it attacks enemy infantry
  • Now uses Red Alert voices
  • Weapon uses Red Alert firing sound


  • Updated texture to more closely match RA1 FMV
  • New missile trail effects
Mig firing missiles


  • Now uses Twinblade voice
  • Weapons use Twinblade weapon sounds
  • Gun now has a muzzle flash
  • Gun now cuts infantry up
  • Rocket pods upgrade is no longer per helicopter but is now global and purchased at the Tech centre ($3000, time to research 60sec)
  • Rockets now blast infantry to bits!
  • New trail & hit effects for the rockets
Hind Rocket pods

  • Updated texture to more closely match RA1 FMV
  • Fixed transparency issues with the rotors
Soviet Hind

Badger bomber

  • Small changes to the texture
  • Bombs disintegrate any infantry unfortunate enough to be caught in it's blast
  • Bombs radius increased from 60 -> 100

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There will of course be additional changes has testing continues.
One last thing, I have new effects for the Badger bombers carpet bombs, but massive slow down occurs if it is used on a tiberium field (the fuller the field, the worse the slow down), other than tiberium there are no other problems.

Should the effect stay or go?

Badger Bomber

Badger Bomber

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Ion Cannon



Joshh - - 900 comments

The new rocket trails are beautiful, thank you very much!

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