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Read this to know what new will bring the new version of the mod

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Changes made in v1.1:

- New units:

T26 Medium (Allies)

M20 Command Vehicle (Allies)

1897 Field Gun(AT and Artillery variant) (Allies)

CCKW 353 GMC Combat Truck (Allies and Commowealth)

M3 Scout Car (Allies and Commowealth) Note: The unit has been repaired, will now be constructible in airborne doctrine (allies) and commando doctrine (commowealth).

M1A1 Airbone Howitzer (Allies) Note: This gun is not sure to be added in this update, for the moment has too many bugs to be included, if it is repaired will be included in the mod.

M4A3E8 Sherman(75mm gun variant) (Allies)

AEC Mk II Armored Car(57mm gun) (Commowealth)

AEC MK III Armored Car(75mm gun) (Commowealth)

Panzer III Ausf F (Wehrmach)

Panzer III Ausf L (Wehrmach)

Panzer III Ausf M (Panzer Elite)

Panzer III Ausf N (Panzer Elite) Note: This will be the replacement of the panzer iv ausf F1

Panzer IV Ausf D (Wehrmach)

Panzer IV Ausf E (Wehrmach)

Panzer IV Ausf G (Panzer Elite)

Panzer IV Ausf J (Wehrmach)

Panzerbefehlswagen IV(Command Vehicles) (Wehrmach) Note: This will be the replacement of the panzer V /IV standard command tank

Panzer V/IV Armored Command Tank (Panzer Elite)

Jagdpanzer IV L/70 (A) (Panzer Elite)

Jagdpanzer IV L/70 (V) (Wehrmach)

Pak 43 88mm Antitank Gun (Wehrmach and Panzer Elite)

Sdkfz 7/1 Halftrack (Panzer Elite)

Sdkfz 251 with H35 Turrent (Panzer Elite)

Panther ausf D (Wehrmach and Panzer Elite)

Panther ausf G (Panzer Elite)

Infantry Light Antitank Gun (All)

Fallschirmjager Light antitank gun infantry (Panzer Elite)

Fallschirmjager Heavy antitank gun infantry (Panzer Elite)

- Advanced repair, Load APCR Shell, Defense smoke and Tank Shock ability has been added for unique tanks( T26E4 Super Pershing, Churchill Cocodrile, Tiger II and Jagdtiger)

- All weapons now have damage, shooting distance and dispersion more realistic

- All bugs (pink skins, blue boxes, AI Error) have been corrected

- The Panzer Grenadiers can update with MP40 Sub Machine gun and MG34 Light Machine gun

- The Beutepanzer M4 76 be the replacement of the Beutepanzer M4 (75mm gun variant)

- New icon for infantry and vehicles

- The new French Beutepanzer Battleground ability, will replace the panzerjager Battleground

- The panzer elite have the new Hull Down ability in the Tank Hunter doctrine

- The allies and Wehrmach can upgrade with the ability to load APCR Shell

- All antitank guns have the ability to camouflage

- The USMC Rifleman have the ability to camouflage (as used by the stormtrooper of the Wehrmach)

- All self-propelled artillery and howitzers have more firing range

- New accessories are added to the tiger ace, in addition to new skills

- the panzer elite tiger ace has been changed, for a more realistic

- All anti-tank halftrack, have the ability to camouflage

- New accessories are added to the Paratrooper Units( MG Gunner and Mortal Team) (All)

- The Spanish translation has been added (see if I can put the voices)

This is for the moment, I will keep updating this topic when adding new things to the mod



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