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Following some suggestions for people who follow the development of the game Criatures Orion changes in the gameplay will be made. The principal limitations encolvendo the recurrent problem with the camera control and the movement of the main character .

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Changes in gameplay

Meanwhile Alpha stages of disclosures of the game I have received enough opinions about the game, including on the movement of the character and the camera.

In fact, the camera has been a big headache since the beginning of the project, especially the camera struggle. In this perspective the reviews have been valuable for the development of the project.

At the moment we work to give the camera to fight an option for a 'look target'. The idea is that the camera be identical to the fight Walking camera but with a button that when insurance focus the camera on the enemy, we are designing it for the right mouse button, tests show an interesting result, simply remove the key glitches breaking a little fluidity of experience.

The movement of the main character decided to accept some reviews that suggested removing the circular motion and devolvelo to a more traditional movement of modern times with movements in 8 directions guided by the camera, so that the direction the character moves up to where the camera is pointing,

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Download Alpha version 0.0.4 via IndieDB

Criatures Alpha 0.0.4

Latest work in development

The rapid exchange between HUD Criatures and quick use items initially developed for use during the fight had extended its usability for when the player controls the coach. Even the alpha version 0.0.4 to switch between Criatures and use items we should use the game menu and choose the options there, with this implementation we can use items in the active criature without the need to enter the menu and also change Criatures without access the organization menu.

Was inserted and is in testing the enemies of matching system with the changed levels according to the region where the player is. Until alpha 0.0.4 the only findable enemies are Criatures level 1, in future versions that may have higher levels and blows corresponding to their level.

Currently, in addition to work on improving the movement and camera, is being worked towards the inclusion of new scenarios, some indoors, everyone always with specific Criatures. Thus, walked game development for the construction of the first missions, finally featuring the style of RPG.

The Criatures are being inserted into the game slowly, really, as you can imagine, create the characters is one of the most arduous work in development. In character development work are included tasks such as modeling, riggar, animate, enter blows, create new particle systems for each new hit so requires, in short, is a long work and so it takes up much of the development time .

Although long, the creation of the characters work does not present great difficulties for the asua applicability actually is a fairly linear work and granda thorn in this sense is precisely the tedium of repetitive activity.

On the other hand, the camera and motion smoothing sindo has a great difficulty in developing. In the search for an acceptable set of camera movement and some scripts have already been written and thrown in the trash, but this is a difficulty that it's frustrating, but we are resisting bravely looking for a system that is acceptable to the game and instead to contribute to frustration for the player collaborate to fun with the game.

Future implementations

A dynamic game menu is also in the works, including a button to close the menu quickly even with multiple open submenus and a breakthrough in dynamic panel that shows the character status.

As mentioned, the quest system (missions) is one of the next steps in the development of the game. With this step the game progresses a little more to be characterized as an RPG.

A system for the criature achieve their advanced form (Evolution) is an update planned for future releases. With the advancement in the level of systems that have been implemented and the inclusion of new moves to come, we approach the insertion of advanced forms for each Criature.

Another update on the planned gameplay, it fights against NPCs. Are planned for the game NPCs that will challenge the player character to fights between Criatures where the challenger NPC can use more than one Criature in the fight, as the player character, and the fight will end when either of them has all Criatures fainted.

I hope you enjoy Criatures de Orion.

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