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Contains added information to understand and enjoy my custom story. Also contains the details to an upcoming update.

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First off, let me just say: "WOW!"

I never expected so many views, downloads, plays, comments this quickly. It just shows how awesome the community is here on ModDb. The fact that more than a dozen people have tried my little story in such a short time span is amazing and a little stressful. This my first time creating something like this AND showing it to the world. So thanks for giving it a try and giving this noob honest feedback.

Second! Due to aforementioned feedback, in an upcoming update, I'm making a few changes:

  • A simple introduction is being added so that the player doesn't just spawn into the map.
  • The file size is being reduced. In my noobness, I uploaded quite the bloated folder! It's larger than needed.
  • The final puzzle is being simplified. (If you need help, send me a message.)
  • I'm making some touch up changes to make it look better. Nothing dramatic.
  • This gets its own bullet: I'm removing that oil barrel that just teases you. That was low. I'm sorry. ;)
  • Finally, fixing some pathing problems with the monsters.

Third! Let me explain a few things in regard to my custom story, just to be sure they're clear.

It is very short. I made the story in one day (8ish hours) as a personal challenge (excluding the time put into little updates like this one). Don't expect a really in-depth, deep storyline or a marathon play session. It's short, simple, and sweet. It's designed that way!

Also, I based the level design off of the design of Alexander's study in the original Amnesia. I made several modifications, but that is the base for it. Obviously credit goes to Frictional Games for the detail in Amnesia right off the bat, but even more so in my story for providing the basic map to build on.

I'm aware I used custom assets. The only custom assets used were the monsters, and I've given much due credit to their creator (Red Line Games). They released the monsters for everyone to use provided credit is provided, so don't worry that I "stole" any assets or used them without permission. Seriously, though, they did an AMAZING job with these monsters.

That's all I wanted to say here. Thanks for all the feedback, I appreciate it. I hope that the custom story I'm actually building from scratch does this well!

(Also, if you are wondering about the lantern thing... it's intentional!)

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