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Here Are The Best Changes And Addons For Each Generals

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The Changes For:
USA Superweapon General
Quad Patriot Missile Replaces Fire-base
Machine-gunner Replace Ranger
M109 Artillery Replaces Her Humvee Is Moves Slower And Does The Same Damage As Her Humvee

USA Laser General
Double Particle Tank
Double Laser Turret Replaces Fire-base
Laser-gunner Replaces Ranger

USA Air-force General
Missile Base Replaces Fire-base
Patriot Missiles Are Cheaper
Humvee Missiles Fire 25% Faster
Few Autoguns Spawn After Firebase Is Destroyed
America SU-47 Replaces Aurora

China Tank General
Light Mammoth Tank
Mega-Master Replaces Dragon Tank
Heavy Mammoth Tank

China Infantry General
Gatling Master
Infantry Are Trained In Squads of 3
Quin Gatling Tank

China Nuke General
Radiation Cannon (Replaces Inferno Cannon)
Dragons Reign Replaces Nuke-cannon
Nuclear Chinese Aurora (Replaces Helix)

GLA Stealth
Heavy Sniper site
Double Stealth Artillery Replaces Scud Launcher
Mini-Scud Missile Launcher (Replaces Marauder)

GLA Demo General
Cluster Demo-trap
Terrorist Squad (11x Terrorists)
Bomb Truck Moves Faster

GLA Toxin General
Toxin Demo trap
Scud Launcher Has Larger Toxin
Mini Mobile Scud-storm

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