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In the past few months had a though time rethinking many things about the game, space was the first one, and science on the next one.

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I haven't updated much in the past few months, not because I was not working on it, but actually re-thinking many things, the first one is space, I felt space was really small, even though the amount of space in game was huge it didn't feel for me that big and it had a lots of problems, I couldn't really calculate in space coordinates planet rotations and other things given the way I wrote the code originally , it was more like a simple game type of mentality but changed my mind later, well all that changed when I decided that space has to be close to real, so now it is huge, with trillions of trillions of blocks, so now you can really fit a planet and moons and much more in the space given to the game, in fact is so huge that now travel takes too much time, calculations are accurate, but it can take years before you can reach the next star unless you upgrade and equip your ship a lot.

Now that space partitioning in the game is so huge, it comes to science, I had many modules like air recycling by using water as a source of O2, food farming, and other systems for your crew, now I started adding more things that affect your ship, showers, CO2, radiation and other things that will make the game more complex, with more interesting mechanics closer to real life like not getting to close to the sun or your ship will burn or get too much radiation that will bath your crew with cancer, radiation also breaks your systems and robots over time, overload systems for extra performance, CO2 recycling is used when farming and if your crew is mostly robots you may not have the best conditions for your farms unless you get CO2 producing machines, or if hydrogen recycler doesn't works at full potential you may have excess hydrogen in your ship and if you get a fire it may explode or spread faster in just a few seconds instead of minutes for example, scanning is also being added as separate module with many sub systems that require several upgrades and experienced crew members to handle to scan star systems and find planets, asteroids or points of interest, many other systems are in the works and more information will be posted as soon as I implement those. Not everything in real life can be reproduced in real time for a game, so many short cuts had to be taken, but trying to make it as real as possible, as close as we know, so a lot of research is being made at the moment to make a better experience.

Having so many systems and so many electronics to look for can make the game very complex and tedious, so the AI is also being revamped, so your crew will be able to handle most of the tasks if ordered to do so but you may want to micromanage those actions if you still want to do it, crew relations also was added and the likes and dislikes that affect mood. Also, one small thing being reworked is assigining crew members without experience on some areas can bring you catastrophic results or very poor results until experience is gained or trained.

All of this will allow the player to have many new interactions with many different dynamics, at this moment still reworking the faster than light system, there is no way you could complete the game if you can't travel faster than light.

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