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A changelog for Cursed Souls --------------- Story and progress

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It have been over a week since I showed you guys something new about this story except for the information page.

What I have done is creating a cellar with alot of puzzles. Everything from the classical "Create a acid" to new kind of puzzles I bet you guys have never seen before. I have also added some scares I bet will rape your minds ;)

The map I am currently working on is called "Underground". I wont tell you what the underground is all about, since I dont want to spoil too much for you, but just as the name says, it's going to be even further underground.

The story line is almost done. You can end the story in at least 2 ways depending on your actions in the last map. The story in short is about a wounded soldier waking up in a forest. It's getting cold and you decide to enter a mansion nearby. You have seen that mansion before, but you can't tell if the mansion is from your memories or dreams. As you enter, you realize soon that the mansion is haunted. You have to survive long enough to both find a way out of there, but also find out why the mansion is haunted becasue it is a reason for it. The story might be a bit confusing and wierd at first, but everything will seem more "logical" the further you go into the story.

I dont have a realese date yet and I dont want to give you any either. I dont want to tell you guys "I will upload it tommorow" and then dont becasue something happend to me in real life, the maps have alot of bugs and not ready to be uploaded or something like that.

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