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I will keep this document updated with all new features.

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8-29-2012 - Currently there is a menu with a play button, clicking it takes you to the game state. In the game state you have a little soldier that you can move around. You can also 'pan' around the world by dragging. Click the exit button to go back to the menu.
8-30-2012 - Fixed a bug causing the soldier to be skewed from the tiles while moving.
9-4-2012 - Implemented support for selecting and moving multiple units.
9-4-2012 - Found a free character sprite sheet and implemented character animations.
9-5-2012 - Found a second, different character sprite sheet and implemented it.
9-5-2012 - Implemented deselecting of unit by clicking on already selected unit.
9-5-2012 - Implemented a travel range for units, such that they can only travel a specific distance per turn. Tiles in travel range are highlighted when a unit is selected.
9-6-2012 - Implemented placement/creation of units by clicking a tile and then selecting an option from a list that pops up.
9-7-2012 - Implemented a very basic HUD which displays unit attributes. Also implemented some basic attack functionality such that you can make units attack eachother. The yellow highlighted tiles indicate attack range, and the white highlighted tiles indicate travel range. The 'selected' unit HUD is shown in the top left, and the 'targeted' unit HUD is shown in the top right.
9-7-2012 - Fixed a couple bugs with the HUD when changing unit selection.
9-8-2012 - Implemented unit death.
9-9-2012 - Fixed a small bug - dead units being rendered in front of live units that moved to its tile.
9-9-2012 - Removed exploit of being able to do actions while moving.
9-11-2012 - New tile art
9-11-2012 - Implemented toggling of zoom between 2 preset views.
9-13-2012 - Implemented creating account and logging in.
9-13-2012 - Implemented secure communication to cloud based server.
9-14-2012 - Implemented challenging other players, and accepting challenges.
9-17-2012 - Server now creates and stores games and their maps.
9-17-2012 - Client can now load any game the current player has from the server.
9-19-2012 - Units that are created are now stored on the server, and can be loaded by the client upon re-opening the game.
9-20-2012 - Unit movement is now supported and managed by the server.
9-20-2012 - Disabled user input while waiting for server response.
9-20-2012 - Disabled game input while error or message box is displayed.
9-20-2012 - Implemented unit ownership - ie, you can't move enemy units, and you can't attack your own units.
9-22-2012 - Unit combat is now supported and managed by the server.
9-22-2012 - Implemented a basic multiplayer mode where each player is limited to 3 actions each turn (create, move, or attack). Number of actions left is displayed at the top of the screen.
9-25-2012 - Implemented refresh button, to reload game from server.
10-11-2012 - Implemented a custom keyboard for user input (hopefully a temporary solution).
10-29-2012 - Implemented floating text displaying damage done on an attack
10-29-2012 - Fixed animation glitch

Code TODOs:

  • implement free zooming
  • Implement a recap of the actions of the other player
  • implement terrain effects. ie traveling up hill limits distance, down hill boosts distance, etc.
  • split the game into 2 parts: in the first part, the only available action is to create units. In the second part, you can do everything else except create units (ie move, attack, etc).
  • implement game victory. as of right now that will just be when all the enemy units have been killed.
  • implement notifications. this will be a hurdle, because moai currently doesn't support notifications to individual phones (they have a group notification). They are working on it, but I may just have to come up with something myself.

Art TODOs:
replace pictures on game page with good art
Revamp the ui
concept different units
unit animations

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