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Working on Zoria: Age of Shattering is an exciting but also challenging experience. The ideas are endless, and expectations - yours and ours - are high.

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Hello, Commander!

Working on Zoria: Age of Shattering is an exciting but also challenging experience. The ideas are endless, and expectations - yours and ours - are high. This month we introduced many valuable changes to the game. Are you ready? Welcome to Monthly Changelog #2! :D

A party of heroes looking for treasures
A party ready to explore each corner. Do I smell... chest?!

Remodeled and expanded locations

Rithvale had a complete makeover. We needed to rebuild it to match it with our current level of quality. Rithvale will become your homebase and your safe haven you'll long for after a long journey.

Players will now have quests available (both sidequests and main quests), making it a more lively area worth revisiting at different stages of the game.

Do you remember Shrieking Pass? Some of you might have seen it in the demo from 2 years ago. We felt this location could be more interesting, so we decided to revisit it, with some new places and adventures :D Now it is not only an area where the story takes place but also a part of the story on its own.

This is totally how we rebuilt our locations. We evacuate everyone,
and then we lure a dragon and four Trolls to raze the city to the ground. Easy-peasy.

Attacks of Opportunity

RPG players are most likely familiar with this system. Certain characters will be able to strike an enemy unit in combat as it moves next to them. It can be a very satisfying move that'll prevent your opponents from running away from you and has a significant chance to finish them off without the need to chase them around the map (and possibly get into a trap).

Water elementals incoming
These water elementals have yet to realize that they should be running away.

Character Creator

Character Creator was a Strech Goal on Kickstarter that we unfortunatelly didn't reached BUT we decided to add it after all :D We believe that creating your own character in an RPG adds a lot of value to a roleplaying aspect of the game. Whether you like to adjust a gender or look to your own for a better immersion, play a hero of your dreams or make it an honor to play as a female character whenever possible - we've got you.

Once again, huge thanks to everyone who supported us in the Kickstarter campaign! :D

Skull pile
There was a crowd waiting to witness your glory, but you took too long
to pick up that perfect shade of hair (even though you can't see it through the helmet).

Best Upcoming - IndieDB Indie of the Year 2022

Do you remember how last time we asked you to vote in a IndieDB's Indie of the Year poll...?

We got the 5th place!!! :D

We knew there were a lot of you out there, yet getting this high in the rank exceeded our expectations! Thank you so much for voting! It wouldn't be possible without your help :D

5th Place

You can watch Best Upcoming - IndieDB Indie of the Year 2022 here:

That's it for now! :P

Unnerving Pathway
You see a path that leads you forward. The path has been lit by a dozen of torches
and adorned with skulls impaled on stakes. Someone passed this way not long ago.

If you want to connect with the community, you can join Zoria's Discord here:

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Until next time,

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impressive demo. Backed!!

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tinytrinketgames Author
tinytrinketgames - - 4 comments

Amazing! Thank you, Commander :D

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