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Changelog for Core Mining, Inc. mod. This information is also in the readme of the file.

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~Started the Alpha version of Core Mining, Inc. by writing the first five missions into
the CMI Part 1 file. I also created a temporary start file for the first stages of
testing. This will be deleted later on and the first mission will not be offered on
Maker every time. Also started the following files: events, fleets, governments, and
names; all containing customized things for the mod. None of the info in these files
will be used until CMI Part 2 though.

~Fixed some spelling errors and (hopefully) improved some of the mission dialogue. Hopefully
more improvements in the dialogue coming soon.

~Finished the last two missions of the CMI Part 1 file. Players will now receive a 5000 credit
salary after completing the seventh mission. (Salary subject to change later on.) Working
on a problem with the player swizzle not changing. Also added an icon and description that
will show up on the plugins screen.

~Added all seven of the missions in the CMI Part 2 file. Mission #'s are: 8A, 8B, 9, 10A, 10B,
11, and 12. A little bit more work with the events and fleets file, some of which will not
be used until later on. I have not figured out anything with the swizzle problem yet. I
may have to do some research on it.

~The Core Mining, Inc. mod is now version 0.1! The changes in this version were mostly spelling
mistakes and an issue where the pirate fleet was twice the size I wanted it. I decided to
move from Alpha to Beta since the basic testing and parts one and two of the storyline are
finished. I have the general ideas for parts three, four, and five and some more ideas as

~Wrote all seven missions in the CMI Part 3 file. Several more events added, including one that
slows down the amount of Korath Raids in the Durax system during mission 19.

~Just fixed a few spelling errors and some minor bugs that cropped up from version 0.1.1.

~Finished writing and added all of the missions in the CMI Part 4 file. You will also notice a
CMI Part 5 file. This only has one mission at this point as it was written to test the final
mission in the Part 4 string. I've also renamed all of the missions so you will either have
to create new savegames or do some editing to your save file to keep playing your current
savegame. The reason for the renaming is to make inserting missions at a later point easier.

~The CMI storyline will now no longer be available if you have played very far into the Free Worlds
story. The specific event is "chosen sides", set once you have decided to join up with them.
Also all of the missions are no longer in the "CMI Part" files, but in the "CMI Section" files.
Parts 1-4 are in the Section 1 file and Parts 5-? will be in the Section 2 file once they are
completed. It's not too many changes for the version but I feel it cleans things up considerably.

~Removed the map file from the mod because of overlap with version 0.9.8 of Endless Sky. Finished
and tested the missions in the CMI S2 Part 1 and CMI S2 Part 2 file.

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