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Changes in October 7th 2012. Here is what I've accomplished today.

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| 7.10.2012 |

Additional note:
The only way of changing certain textures is to HEX edit the original .exe file (pix files to be exact).

Mischa_Silden wrote: EDIT: I found out how to convert .TIM files back to .PIX format by reading the RE1_MOD_MANUAL v1.3 [The Mortician].

- changed the announcer voice in the main menu to match REmake (EVIL01.wav)
- changed the character confirmation sound to match REmake (SELECT05.wav)

- changed the main menu background to match REmake
- changed the ID card background to match REmake

And here is a video to see the changes in action:

REmake DEmake changelog: 7-october-2012 - Mod DB

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