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Since I screwed up and forgot to put in the changelog for my recent mod-for-the-mod of Stargate: Empire at War, here it is.

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SGEAW 1.3 Tweak
Spinobreaker and contains a model by IceViperLat. All of the hard work goes to these people, I only tweaked what they built.> Changelog:
-Humvee replaced with M2 Bradley IFV. It is armed with a 25mm chain gun and TOW missiles. While expensive to
deploy and only available in limited numbers, it is a very powerful addition to your arsenal. Just make sure you
use them wisely as you can only deploy a few at a time, and once they're gone, they're gone!
(Model by IceViperLat)
-Ground weapons have been tweaked so that weapons are close to being as damaging as in the TV show. Staff weapons
kill within just a few hits, and Jaffa die with a burst of automatic weapons fire.
-Ships have been tweaked to better represent their demonstrated capabilities on the show, at least with as much
consistancy as possible.
-Hardpoints have been removed so that powerful weapons such as the Ori and Asgard superlasers will now kill ships
as quickly (or near enough) as in the show. For example, the Ori superlaser will now kill a Ha'tak mothership
in a single shot. Hardpoints on the space stations remain.
-Space heroes health reduced so they're not ridiculously impossible to kill.
-All ships (with the exception of the Wraith and Replicators) have had their armor changed so that when shields drop the hull is destroyed fairly quickly.
-Wraith armour increased and takes significantly less damage from all weapon types.
-Replicator armour increased for the ships made up of Replicator blocks. They now take reduced damage from energy weapons but increased damage from impact weapons like railguns.
-Tauri missiles do significantly less damage to shielded opponents but are decently powerful vs. unshielded enemies while their railguns are slightly more powerful vs shields and are devastating to fighters that get too close.
-All ships have had their shields reworked so that shields are now significantly more powerful than they were in the vanilla mod. There are 4 types of shielding now in the mod: Ancient, Asgard, Goauld, and Tauri. Ancient shields exist on the Lantean and Ori vessels, Asgard on Asgard, Replicator, and upgraded Tauri ships, Goauld on Goauld, Grace, and Aschen ships, and Tauri on early Tauri defense satellites and ships. This was done to simplify things and to give a best approximate fit for the relative shield technology of the various races.
-Asgard, Ori, and Lantean ships have been made far more powerful, but are far more limited in their use than
before. For example, as a Tauri player in skirmish you are only allowed to field a small number of Beliskners or
Daniel Jacksons at a time, and just a single Oneill. This is to reflect on the lack of influence the Asgard had on
the events in the Milky Way due to the limited resources available to them in the war with the Replicators.
-Tauri vessels have been changed pretty dramatically from vanilla and must be played differently as a result. The X301 has been removed from their arsenal altogether, and the X303 becomes unavailable after Tech 3 when it has
been replaced by the BC-304. Early Tauri vessels are pretty light and don't dish out much damage to shielded
opponents. As you upgrade your fleet from 303s to 304s you will be able to dish out as well as recieve more
-The BC-304 becomes available at Tech 2 in its most basic version, sporting limited Asgard shielding and its basic
loadout of missiles and railguns. At Tech 3 that version is replaced by an upgraded model with better shields and
a loadout which includes nuclear warheads. A properly managed 304 in this configuration should be able to fight an
Anubis upgraded Hatak on pretty even terms, although the Hatak will be cheaper.
-Nukes are probably the biggest change to the Tauri faction, as they allow for crippling blows against enemy
vessels when their shields are down. They are slow to fire and do little damage against a shielded opponent, but
are devastating to unshielded vessels (with the exception to the Wraith and the Replicators, who are more protected). These weapons are carried by Prometheus and Tauri BC-304s starting at Tech 3.
-The Apollo carries the Horizon Weapon System which fires extremely slowly and only at selected targets, but if it
lands on an unshielded opponent will to terrible damage.
-Lantean drone weapons have had their damage dealt increased significantly, and will tear apart ships quickly. The
model has been changed for the drone model from Pegasus Chronicles which looks better and lags less.
-The Puddle Jumper has been reomved from the Tauri in skirmish mode as a regular unit. If you want to build them you will need to construct a Supergate and dial Pegasus.
-Goauld Hataks have had their prices reduced so as to reflect greater availability than their Tauri counterparts.
-Old Hatak becomes unavailable at Tech 2 as it is replaced by the Pyramid Ship.
-Anubis Hatak has been buffed and by Tech 4 completely replaces the regular Hatak.
-Deployed Anubis Mothership now has a fast-firing and damaging energy weapon more like in the show.
-In general, the Tauri have good fighters but very poor early-game units as their X-303s are just not effective at
killing their Goauld counterparts. Mid-game they finally have good ships in the BC-304 but must use good tactics
in order to get the most out of them, as they possess powerful shields but low firepower. When late game rolls
around the Asgard ships and Asgard-upgraded hero ships start rolling out and you have a significant advantage
over your Goauld opponent, but your ships are still far more rare and expensive than his.
-On the other hand, the Goauld have numbers and production capacity. They can roll out large numbers of ships very
quickly and swarm a Tauri opponent. In the early game they actually out-tech the Tauri, and even mid-game have
superior firepower. In the late-game they will lose out to the superior Asgard vessels but can easily use their
numerical advantage to ensure victory, and even though their vessels are less advanced their late-game ships
are still quite powerful.
-Extra races like the Wraith, Asgard, Replicators, Lanteans, and Ori are extremely powerful but very rare as well.
They will turn the tide of battles but are expensive to field.
There are several other minor tweaks, some cosmetic, some not, designed to hopefully make the gameplay a little
more faithful to the capabilities of the various factions as shown in the show. I hope I've been successful in
making this game a little more like the TV show. Please enjoy, feedback is appreciated!


very interesting changes, ill install the patch and post my final opinion on the download page, :) i do have a couple questions tho. in campaighn can the tau'ri still build puddle jumpers at appropriate planets in their late tech levels? and will the orion still be avaliabal after reaching teranis?

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p*a*t*t*o*n Author

most of the changes I made were skirmish-based, such as ship stats and weapons and such. the ships that they could build in the campaign should still be buildable, but there's so much code and events in the campaign that I can't be sure of anything unfortunately. even testing out one of the smallest campaigns in its entirety would have taken at least 2-3 hours, and and I don't know what bugs or features were present there to begin with.
sorry for such a nonconclusive answer

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after playing through the pegasus campaighn to taranis i recieved the orion, but i am no longer able to build space/ground puddle jumpers. :( ill try to work on the problem myself but my ability to mod xml is very liited. if you can will you ask spino or one of the others if they can help?

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p*a*t*t*o*n Author

i can't really ask for any of their help, spino and the rest all have bigger fish to fry than bug-busting a mod-of-a-mod, lol.
this was based off of a mod made by spino, so i'm not certain whether that particular bug existed even before i did anything. I can give it a look, but I'm in the middle of finals right now so it won't be for a while.
if you're looking for it yourself the only thing I did was remove the jumper from general skirmish so you could check if that affected it somewhat.

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