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Largely a bug fix and balance version for the latest version of Glory of the Horde.

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Largely a bug fix and revamp version

- Reworked stats on Dragonmaw Brutes
- Reworked starting spawn composition for normal brown/skeleton brown
- Reworked Kul'tiras yellow pathing benefit for base spawn.
- Changed tandred starting level to 1, and then changes to 3
- Reworked modera starting level, and spell set.
- Fixed Silence initial learn tooltip
- Reworked Eitrigg event so Eitrigg spawns at a level higher than 1 depending on time in game.
- Raised tradeport requirement for blowing Menethil Harbor -> Crestfall to army level 4 from army level 3.
- Reworked Privateer and Buccaneer armor scaling.
- Reworked some hero stats in minor ways to make more balanced starting HP.
- Reworked Quel'thalas spawn for Orange via horsefrog suggestion here:
- Event for the Rebuilding of Gnomergan for 1,000 gold at Ironforge for Ironforge Path after retaking Lower Ironforge.

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