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Changelog of The Game Epsilon o Virus(Epsilon The Virus) Version 0.0.3, this gives some info about what is added/removed and some Importante Information.

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~Changelog~: 0.0.3 ___ 30/12/14

+ No IndieDB foi mudado a imagem de preview / On IndieDB Changed the Preview Image

+ Algums Segredos Adicionados / Some Secrets Added

+ Ecras de Carregamento Adicionado, Para o Jogo nao ficar Congelado ou Crashar / Loading Screens Added, so The Game Doesn't Freeze or Crash

- Removido um problema do teclado relacionado com o jogo / Removed a Problem from the keyboard linked to the game

- Removido a animaçao parada da Personagem / Removed the Stopped Animation of the Character

x a Internet Continua Lenta, tenho de ver isso / The Internet Continues to be Slow, i'l have to see how to fix it

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