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This is a rough overview for changes I did in Beta 1.0

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Because I worked on this version since summer 2016, I don't really know anymore every changes I did. Moreover the most changes are more "feelable" than "seeable".

The important changes are:

  • the version should be stable now, no more crashes should appear (nevertheless don't play a 8 player multiplayer game with Japan only, a few units of them still produce an infinite errormessage which can occurs an "out of sync error")
  • an extremly huge amount of bug fixes, AI tweaks and changes in damage system
  • added new units, tanks, abilities for some factions (mostly China and Japan)
  • China has now a complete command tree (3 doctrines each with 12 abilities == 36 abilities)
  • and many, many more so that you can fill multiple A4 sites with it. Not very accurate, but there are so many that I kinda lost track.

The upcoming important changes will be:

  • complete command tree for every faction (3 doctrines each with 12 abilities == 36 abilities). This means 288 command abilities in total.
  • I really want to add more new tanks. For that reason I need an animator who knows how to animate in COH. So if you are capable of animate in COH and you want to help me out with this you can write me a personal message right ahead.

I will send copies of this version to the 3 main members of "Eastern Front", "Blitzkrieg" and "Far East War" so that they can have a closer look at the Mod Fusion and can do a better considered decision-making if I get the permission to make this Mod Fusion public.


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