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The changelog has been broken for some months now but it, you can finally access it again! Also JH fixed a bug that may caused some asyncs.

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Good news everybody,

You can finally view the Changelog on our page again. It has been gone for a long time now and some people have been waiting for a fix. So, now it is fixed and you can finally see our Changelog again.
You may also notice that our version naming has changed, instead of an increasing number we now use the last commit-hash to name our version. This also means that the order in our download section is a bit... strange, so make sure to select "newest" as option when grabbing the latest version.

An other important Change is a fix by Jh:
>Async fix for issue #6. The selection process for a newly produced ware was unstable when there are >multiple clients with the same need and with the same distance to the producer. Added the (unique) >location of client as tiebreaker in sorting function.
So, you can also help testing this fix, if you still encounter feel free to post you observations, savegames and replays so we may find the reason.

Thats all so far, thanks for reading

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