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This is a rough overview for the changes I did in this mod. (it will be updated step by step)

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  1. many new units for every faction, here just one example:
    - Axis: Oberst Ralf Schulz
    - PE: Sniperace Frederick Zoller
    - Ostheer: Sturmtiger VI
    - Allies: Soldier James Ryan
    - Commw.: Crusader MK.IV
    - Soviet: ISU-122
  2. gameplay:
    - all airborne units fly in with a plane
    - ai build defences, mines more tactical (works not always)
    - ai easy is "easy" and ai very hard is "very hard"
    - ai builds all units more balanced
    - all factions can get a positive multiplicator for their ressources:
    Allies: upgrades of quarter master
    Commw: Lieutnants and Captain
    Soviet: Majorgroup (higher with higher veterancy)
    Axis: Oberst Ralf Schulz
    PE: Oberstleutnant with guards
    Ostheer:Opel Blitz's (Max. 4)
    - ALL units are buildable -->
    - some factions, I don't remember which, have rotateable command buildings (the ai doesn't like it, loooks chaotic in their bases)
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