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The latest update changelog and more upcoming features.

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Endlessjumper 0.02a Alpha

The recent update (24.10.2014) had a few updates in regards to the resolution. It's not a big update by any means, but it adds a few new things: List below.

Added Launcher (standard launcher). With graphics presets (Low, Medium and High), more resolution options, windowed or fullscreen options, window is resizable.
Added ingame blackbars/letterbox. To keep the aspect ratio at the original ratio, sort of. I might remove it in later updates.
Added another easter egg.
Added custom mouse cursor. It's not the final design, but it works at least
Changelog is also found within the game folder.

As the updates come rolling, you'll notice their names. Big updates continue the numbers (0.01, 0.02, 0.03 etc), while "hotfixes"/tweaking/smaller updates have the letter prefix (0.01a, 0.01b, etc).
As for bugfixing, there are not that many bugs in the game at this point, and the ones that are there, are not game breaking (as far as I know).

Right now I'm working on the next update, it will be a big one.
The upcoming features include:
Pressing escape during gameplay will pause the game.
More custom models. Character model, coin, background models, and more.
Easter eggs!!! Because they are fun.
A menu for graphics options.
And more.
Changing the intro cinematic. Its basically placeholder, the new one will be better, probably.

I'm also writing the story modes, well, story. Don't worry, it's not convoluted or serious.
The story will be told through simple animated cutscenes (skippable), presented in a comicbook style with narration.

Ok, I'll go back to developing.

nuFF3 Author

I'm just sitting here, trying to code an options menu... Through the logic of Playmaker... oh joy

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