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An update to all the change of gameplay we have implemented or plan to implement.

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Sorry for the lack of updates, however, new images will be uploaded momentarily. We have been hard at work making this mod and have been improving the game after drastically cutting unnecessary items.

First thing's first. The car chase which we had implemented at the beginning of the level just wasn't working the way we wished it would have. Therefore we have changed it so that now, the player is no longer driving the vehicle (which we found to be pretty boring actually as the player could only see what was in front of them and not what is shooting at them etc.) but instead is being the gunner in the car. The way in which this is going to work is that many cars are going to appear both in front, and behind the car which means that the player must be looking at all directions to ensure that they have destroyed all possible vehicles chasing them. Also, the spy is now going to be in the game from the very beginning so the main story has changed a little (basically no saving the spy). For the first part of the level, the spy will be controlled by the A.I. and will be driving the car. The car takes a random route every time as to make the car chase more fun and have a replay-ability factor about it.

Upon completing the chase, the player will still have a short sniping section before the hard task of using a sniper in unfamiliar territory of close combat inside the complex. In the first section of the complex, the player must kill multiple enemies whilst trying to keep the spy safe as he has no weapon. We are currently working on reloading from a previous save point (which aren't in yet but will be soon) when the spy is killed.

After all the enemies are dead, the player progresses into the next section where the spy turns up with a new weapon which he can use. FPS here we come. The player then consumes control of the spy, who is being assisted by the sniper. The next section consists of lots of soldiers being given a pep talk by the one and only Hitler. Once the player is spotted, the enemies will disperse after the player and Hitler will disappear inside the research facility. Cue the action. The player must strategically take out mass enemies (with assistance from the sniper of course) and ensure that both players stay alive.

Again, once all they enemies have been dealt with accordingly, the spy will enter the research facility whilst the sniper waits outside and holds off any remaining enemies. Inside the facility is a whole new scene. What looks like a power cut has occurred which makes the corridors very hard to see down. The spy does however have a nice torch attached to his gun (we had to be kind). The whole mood of the inside shooting section has changed from stealth into horror/action. Screams can be heard throughout the facility with dead scientists and soldiers fighting not only the player, but the experimental werewolves that have gone rogue.

Cut-scenes are also very much underway with almost 3 fully completed cut-scenes (albeit needing a bit of work and tweaking).

Any questions, feedback or comments are welcome.

Steven Hurst
Lead Designer

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