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This is change log for every version released. Read it carefully before updating your mod, some feature may need special requirement.

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Version 0.3:

  • Integrated with PBOD system (with new formations and orders),
  • More Stable diplomacy system,
  • Combat abilities,
  • Stamina system,
  • Chance to break or loose your weapon in battle,
  • New tournament system (able to chose equipment),
  • New heroes in tournament,
  • Troll parties roaming around calradia, don't try to face them in mele fight and make sure you bring lot of archers and crossbowmen,
  • White Terrors, in random day every month, entire Calradia will covered by mist, when the time came, all the dead will rise up and haunt the living,
  • Wargs now belongs to Swadia unique troops (to maintain faction culture, swadian should composed mostly of cavalry),
  • Nord unique troops is Axeman (again, to maintain faction culture),
  • Remove renown requirement to enter castle (useless and buggy),
  • Remove only able to recruit unique troops only from one castle (still buggy),
  • New map icon,
  • New companions,
  • Add quick start, player start in level 10 with some money, troops and equipments.

Version 0.21:

  • Fix flying items in thir,
  • Fix be lost relation when helping lord from player faction in battle,
  • Add bonus to player party limit when being a lord, marshal, and king also when player have castle.

Version 0.2:

  • Change lords and ladies name,
  • Overhauled morale and routing system by jacobhinds,
  • Lancers, horse bows and spearmen use the right weapon with proximity to enemies by Caba'drin,
  • Shield bash, by Xenoargh, (doesn't work with v 0.1 save game)
  • New Music, woman sound, man sound,
  • More metal sound and sound variation,
  • Horse react to enemy's camel by xaliber,
  • Horse and camel afraid to giant,
  • People sitting in tavern,
  • Musician in tavern,
  • Reqiure minimum renown to recruit from castles and towns (100 to recruit in castle, 250 to recruit in town), except if they are castles and towns of your faction,
  • Require minimum renown to enter Lord's hall (100 to enter Lord's hall in castle, 250 to enter Lord's hall in town), except if they are castles and towns of your faction,
  • Only able to recruit unique troops from one faction,
  • Outlaws stronger,
  • Balancing some troops level and equipment,
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