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Change list for all the versions of this mod since it was first created

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Change list for all the versions of this mod since it was first created:

Version 1.29
- restore Siris unit speech messages
- add unused and rare speech messages for Siris units and admirals
- change new game menu music
- new Sileron and Altaria commanders names
- new conquest.exe icon

Version 1.28
- new graphic for Altaria toolbar and planetbar
- fixed some Altaria icons

Version 1.27
- new graphic for Sileron toolbar and planetbar
- change Procyo and Blanus portrait
- fixed some Sileron and Siris icons

Version 1.26
- new graphic for Siris planetbar

Version 1.25
- new graphic for Siris toolbar
- new research "Fleet Modernization Strategy"
- new Nemezis commanders names

Version 1.24
- new graphics for mini maps
- new textures for ARC weapon

Version 1.23
- new descriptions for all Siris units
- new descriptions for new Siris platforms (Defense Battery, Rocket Launcher, LR Sensor Tower)
- credits
- changed fog tile texture

Version 1.22
- 139 new planets
- changed systems themes and map generator
- new asteroid fields
- added stars (3 types)
- changed antimatter ribbons
- changed debris field

Version 1.21
- changed nebulae

Version 1.20
- changed Camouflage texture
- changed sector map background texture
- changed names of races
- fixed some bugs

Version 1.19
- changed Sileron platform and units textures
- changed Sileron engine textures
- changed Sileron weapons
- new models for units
- deleted Altaria space stations

Version 1.18
- added new icons
- new fraction - Nemezis
- new models for Nemezis

Version 1.17
- changed Gunboat main weapon
- changed Heavy Lancer Cruiser weapon

Version 1.16
- changed Tactical Cruiser textures
- changed all fighters engine trail
- changed Tactical Battleship weapon
- changed Altaria units models
- added new fighter model

Version 1.15
- added new icons
- new fighters for Supercarrier
- changed Siris units and platforms parameters

Version 1.14
- new Siris platforms (Defense Battery, Rocket Launcher, LR Sensor Tower)
- deleted Ion Cannon

Version 1.13
- new backgrounds
- new Siris units

Version 1.12
- new graphics for mini maps

Version 1.11
- fixed some bugs

Version 1.10
- changed cost of all units to 1CP

Version 1.09
- changed in conquest.ini

Version 1.08
- new structure of files

Mod based on version 1.07 of Conquest: Frontier Wars


Hey, is it me or are there dozens of icons missing ? especially research (terran and have you removed the original monolith ? or is hes icon also missing). havent checked mantis yet. great job btw =)

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All Terran research are in the game, but I changed Terran technology tree.

See the new research in the Academy - "Fleet Modernization Strategy" - you need it to start other research.

And yes, I removed old Monolith, now best Sileron ship is Triere.

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damn i love monolith :-D

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