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Updates to Justice in Unity: Redux's Change Log for the month of July 2018.

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July 30th, 2018

  • Updated some Simon-only interactions.
  • Made changes to the game manual.
  • Attention-drawing text color changed to suit game manual.
  • Added a face graphic to Camille.
    • Added a face graphic and status graphic to Frank.
    • Added a face graphic to Dark.
    • Added a face graphic and status graphic to Russell.
    • Added a face graphic and status graphic to Feliz.

  • Fitted status text bases for Frank, Russell, and Feliz.

July 29th, 2018

  • Made changes to the game manual.
    *!! Added MOG’s Wallpaper EX script.
    • Configured to have a different wallpaper for each scene. Made wallpapers to suit the game manual.

  • Name in status is no longer centered (again, to suit game manual).
    • Name in status now displayed in font “Champignon”… which is an OpenType font, which I didn’t think worked with VX Ace?
    • Now displays in bold (or rather, pseudo-bold, because Champignon doesn’t have a bold fontset.)
    • Added a description to Dark.

  • Dark and Dr. Mikkelsen’s ages are now always hidden.
  • Dark’s HP bar now no longer appears if he’s ever seen in the menu (via hacks).
    • Dr. Mikkelsen’s HP bar doesn’t display either.

  • Added some actor descriptions.
    • Language-based descriptions work now.
    • Rough Japanese translations started.

  • Menu particle’s purple now. Because neat.

July 28th, 2018

  • Manually moved zomd5.dll into the System subfolder.
  • Manually moved all save files into a Saves subfolder, and made changes to the save backup system to accomodate for this.
  • Updated Yanfly’s Class System status menu script again; hid unused command window out of sight (to still allow backing out of the scene) and Frankenstein’d in an image display from MOG’s Monogatari menu script.
  • Removed SP bars.
  • Fixed the issues with Cheshire’s age being hidden. Turns out I’m just an idiot.
  • Added a modified Breath effect for crying characters to MOG’s Character EX script.
  • Couldn’t figure out how to directly influence the balloon_wait variable via script call, so added a switch check for balloon script calls where the balloon in question should not have wait frames.
  • Added face graphics for Bellamy.
    • Added face graphics for Maci.
    • Added face graphics for Emilie.
    • Added some new face graphics for Cheshire.
    • Added a new face graphic for Mikkelsen.
    • Added face graphics for Oliver.
    • Added face graphics for Terrence.
    • Added face graphics for Flynn.

July 27th, 2018

  • Changed some item icons.
  • Moved (most) NPCs in the Peaches & Cream outside, because what law enforcement professional keeps civvies around a corpse?
    • Made some updates to the Peaches & Cream Cafe map.
    • Added a nodding animation to Maci.
    • Objective 1,1 is now revealed at the right time to accomodate for this.

  • Certain lights now move to 0,0 on their respective maps so as to not prevent player interactions.
    *!! Added Shaz’s “Remember Event Position” script. (WOW, THE WAY IT BREAKS SAVES!!)
  • Added Shaz’s Save Data Location script thing.
    • Fixed script loading the game title from INI and thus failing to create a folder with a colon in its name. (Feels like that wasn’t very well thought out…?)
    • Removed, because it doesn’t work well with current script settings. (Disables title screen load option forever, general issues.)

  • Added more blood to Fantome d’Or’s Chip Storage map.
  • Added some dialogue to “The Royal Flush”.
  • Removed Cyranos’ Quicksave script.
  • Added some new face graphics for Elliot.
    • Added some new face graphics for Simon.

  • Le Jardin des Anges now has group tables (so Simon and Charlotte aren’t essentially screaming at Elliot and Emilie in that scene).

July 26th, 2018

  • Began adding first chunk of lines for “The Royal Flush” to a script and to the dialogue database.
  • Added a few blood tile resources from Recife.
  • Added Hime’s Mapshot script.
  • Images can now be zoomed out in the Gallery (kind of).

July 23rd, 2018

  • Added some more of Emilie’s “The Poisoned Diner” clips.
  • Touched up the first chunk of lines for “The Disappearing Act”.
    • Began adding said lines to the dialogue database.

  • Generated a new private key. Old version of the game now broken. GG.

July 22nd, 2018

  • Added the beginnings of rough Japanese translation.
  • Swapped out font “Another” for font “Nagurigaki Crayon” (except for French accents).
  • Voiceover language can now be changed independent of game language (ex. switching game language to French will no longer force the game to look for French voice clips).
    • Fixed a minor oversight that caused voiceover not to be language-based at all anymore.
    • Fixed another oversight that I’ve somehow missed all this time that prevented MEs and SEs from being language-based in most calls.

  • Began adding some of Emilie’s voice clips for “The Poisoned Diner”.

July 21st, 2018

  • Re-fitted some dialogue to the textboxes a little better.
  • Recurring NPC names are now stored in the otherwise-unused Armors list for easy translation.
  • Dark’s French name changed from “Le Noir” to “LeNoir” for style points (and puns). ;)
  • Dialogue portraits are now handled dynamically via the Yanfly Message System’s “\af (Show Actor Face)” code.
  • Thought dialogues are italic again.

July 18th, 2018

  • Changed thought dialogues (removed name boxes, portraits, and italic styling).
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