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here is a small view of it. Not much more to go till this mod is finally finished. Of course when BDv20b comes out add what ever good little new bits it has.

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Brutal Doom Redemption 3.0 release.


- New name done away with 141 and went with Redemption.
- New particle system in place for every thing from fire , explosions , plasma , BFG bullet impacts and more.
- New reworked sprites for Items , ammo and weapons
- Hud and bright maps are interagrated into the main mod ( you no longer need the seperate addons just run BDR and it will all load.)
- Fixed 64 Shotgun and SSG not having the corret pick up sprite.
- fixed Archive not giving a radio after fatality kill.
- New monster sounds for 90% of the demons.
- Adjusted Mastermind head hitbox.
- Plasma rifle alt fire now uses 30 energy instead of 25.
- Mastermind painchance, speed and health increased. ( waiting for BDv20b for the fixed version)
- fixed assault rifle not spawning with 40 round clip.
- Plasma rifle has new beep sound.
- BFG9000 has a new exploding sound.
- Shotguns original sound returned but beefed up.
- New pistol sound.
- Only a max of 3 radios now.
- Demon melee strength increased.
- Fixed scaling issues with some of the sprites.
- Fixed decal scorch marks.
- Add random smoke effect for ejected shells and bullets.
- new Rocket drum drop sound ( more heavy )
- Archvile is now slightly faster and its attack is way more dangerous.
- Fixed Doom 64 Shotgun pick up sprite scaling.
- Fixed BFG9000 exploding sound from fading away to much.
- Fixed the HD sprites pack ( you can delete the old one) New one has correct scaling now.
- Fixed Hud now shows sound options and Brutal Doom options.
- Revenant has been buffed in terms of melee damage and its rocket launcher
- Baron of hell speed buffed a little.
- Mastermind speed increase.
- Cyberdemon rocket speed buffed
- New keycard pickup sound
- Flamecannon ammo pickup increase from 30-45 ( Since you dont pick up the cannons as often as other ammo)
- BFG9000 primary attack damage increase but energy use also increase.

- Fixed HUD now shows sound options and brutal Doom options.

To do list:

Have fatality messages display when performing one.

-Add in new weapon alt abilites. ( waiting for painkiller)

Maybe list:

-new attacks for existing demons

NOTE! You will no longer need to have brightmaps and the hud as stand alone addons now you can delete them
they are not part of the mod just keep the the HD DPTH textures addon for textures.

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